Effective leaders tend to view planning as a means to generate, oversee and measure results.

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Prototyping a product allows buyers or investors an unrivaled preview of the finished product.

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Ideas that are organized through the use of images, in which it seeks to combine art with typographical aspects.

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Product Launch

Product launch management is a step-by-step release plan with the goal of creating your on the internet reputation.

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Success Stories

The daunting task of developing customer success stories often overwhelms marketeers leading

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If you are a business owner relying on supporting an internal technical support staff, contracting with us/


Internal use - planning the launch of a new or development of  business


Scrum is perhaps the most widely used Agile development 

Modern Design

Responsive web design has become the go-to solution for businesses 


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Creativity is about originality, imagination, innovation, novelty


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Leading in effective strategies, open highly efficient neo-consulting company..


Web Development covers the basics of web programming while teaching you how to build your own website and blog application.

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If your plans include developing sales collateral, launching a new product, or redesigning a web site, you will want to know how Six can help you. Utilizing creative flair and award-winning advertising our goal and primary purpose is to help you maximize your marketing budget and get more effective "bang for your buc